Godi Godar

Go Conscious Earth

Godi is founder of Go Conscious Earth, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness about the devastation that logging and extraction of conflict minerals is causing in his home country of Democratic Republic of the Congo. Since he was young, Godi, a native of the Bantomba tribe on DRCs Lac Tumba, dreamt that one day he would leave his tribe, travel to foreign lands and return home to support and protect his people. Go Conscious Earth’s vision is to respect nature, preserve ancestral land, and protect the rainforest ecosystem by supporting sustainable and healthy lives for the people who live there. Together with Dilo Assistance (a Congolese NGO) and Bantomba tribal leaders, Go Conscious Earth is working to acquire the land rights to the Bantomba ancestral lands in the Lac Tumba region, in the heart of the Nsoli rainforest.