Geovaldis Gonzalez Jimenez

Geovaldis González Jiménez, is a peasant leader and environmental defender of the Montes de María region in the Colombian
Caribbean, an area strongly affected by the armed conflict and in which various mining and agro-industrial projects are being
developed. Geovaldis, a native of the municipality of El Carmen de Bolívar, is a spokesperson for the Displaced Population, Ethnic and Peasant Organizations. He is a member of the Permanent Committee for the Right to Water and the Ethnic Peasant
Commission for the Follow-up of Collective Reparation Processes for communities that are victims of the armed conflict. He has been an outstanding leader of the Marching Community of Montes de María that mobilized peacefully in 2018 to defend the water and territory of peasant and ethnic communities, especially considering the conflicts related to irrigation districts that are the source of water for local communities and for the agro-industry of palm, pineapple and wood.