Geledorj Amarbold

Jinst Murun Co LTD

Mr Gelegdorj Amarbold established the company Jinst Murun in 2007 in his native land Huvsgul aimag in Mongolia. Jinst Murun annually processes about 120 tons of goat cashmere and yak wool. The company has been promoting best practices among herders and herder cooperatives they have been partnering since establishment to maintain sustainable management of rangelands and animal welfare, and to ensure frugal use of other natural resources such as water and minerals and treat wildlife herders share common rangelands in a friendly manner. inst Murun provides training with their own resources to herders on best practices and offer differentiated price on raw materials that come from responsible herder communities. Since the beginning they identified their marketing strategy as sustainable, ethical and traceable and high value, and has been consistently working to capacitate its raw material supply chain. Since 2015, Jinst Murun Company has been working with MNPUGs and started introducing sustainable supply chain concepts to herders and herder cooperatives.