Francesca Nugnes

Project leader

Francesca is an economist and has worked in applied research at the University of Amsterdam, on monetary unions at Brown University, trade statistics at ISTAT(Italy) and financial statistics at Eurostat (Luxembourg). Francesca has 9 years of experience in corporate finance at Unicredit in Paris and in regional development cooperative (CDR) promoting entrepreneurship among women in Montreal.

At FAST, a non-profit organization, she leads the project on measuring social, economic and environmental impacts of investments in sustainable agriculture and forest SMEs in developing countries. She has developed guides for investments in sustainable forestry and agriculture (Mexico, Guatemala, Tanzania) and worked with coffee cooperatives In Nicaragua. She has worked for the Global Social Economy Forum (Korea) and is member of the Advisory Board of IRIS/GIIN (Impact Reporting Investments Standards, USA) working for the 2016-2018 PEFC revision of forest sustainability standards for group certification.

Francesca is an active member of the UN Committee for Food Security and Responsible Agriculture Investments, Private Sector Mechanism. She is a consultant for the University Savoie, Mont Blanc (France), has lived in nine countries and speaks four languages. Francesca is a jogger, a swimmer and mother of three children.