Felipe Carazo

Head of Public Sector Engagement
Tropical Forest Alliance

Felipe is passionate about fostering science-based, long-term solutions to the developmental and environmental challenges currently facing our planet, capturing both global and on-the-ground perspectives. He brings along more than twenty years of experience developing and overseeing programs and initiatives addressing policy, governance, financial instruments, impact metrics, capacity building, private-public partnerships, south-south cooperation, resource management, rural development, conservation, human wellbeing, integrated landscape management and climate change.

He currently serves as  Head of Public Sector Engagement for the Tropical Forest Alliance house in the World Economic Forum. In his role, he has served as creative strategist for the Alliance to shape multi-stakeholder engagement processes that connect, influence and mainstream good practices into public led policy discussions and processes.

Previously he served as Executive Director of Fundecor, a ‘think tank’ that has been instrumental for his native country, Costa Rica, to develop and implement sound forest positive practices.  While leading Fundecor, he served as top-level advisor to the Government of Costa Rica. He has also worked at The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and  the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) with diverse sustainability strategies across many contexts. These has included overseeing a vast portfolio of knowledge sharing programs and projects in Central America, Mexico, Peru, Morocco, Indonesia, Madagascar and the UAE.

He holds a bachelor´s Degree in Biology from the Universidad de Costa Rica and a master’s Degree in environmental management from the Nicholas School of Environment, Duke University (USA), with a mayor in Resource Economics and Policy.