Felia Salim

Board of Director
Green Fund and Sail Ventures

Felia Salim serves on the Board of Directors of &Green Fund and Sail Ventures, among others. Felia, an IDEAS fellow7, has extensive experience in private banks in Indonesia, she also has held policy positions and was a key player influencing Indonesia’s Sustainable Financing regulations. The &Green Fund a blended finance fund that brings together private and public actors to encourage forest protection and restoration when financing agricultural commodities sourced from tropical landscapes. The &Green Fund’s impact targets include >US$ 2 billion in investments catalysed, 5 million hectares of tropical forest protected, conserved, or restored, and 500,000 households benefiting from the Fund with a focus along the value chain of commodity production in soy, livestock, palm oil, and forestry in tropical countries globally. Sail Ventures is an investment advisory firm – that act as the fund manager of the &Green fund – with expertise in blended finance, sustainability and climate finance in emerging and frontier markets, and impact fund strategies.