Fe Cortez

Menos 1 Lixo

Fernanda Cortez is a brazilian environmental activist and an impact business entrepreneur. She is the creator of Menos 1 Lixo (One Less Trash), known as the biggest Sustainability Educational platform in Brazil, which promotes environmental education.

She is writing her first book, an essay on how to live regeneratively in the New Age from a systemic view that questions our status quo and proposes alternatives so that we can collectively evolve and solve the environmental challenges that our lifestyle presents us with.

She is also an advisor to Greenpeace and advocates for Clean Seas by UN Environment in Brazil. She was awarded as a Sustainability personality in Brazil by Glamour Magazine in 2017 and is recognized as an influencer in favor of the Zero Waste concept in Brazil by Instituto Lixo Zero in 2018. She performed as host of Menos é Demais, a television program from Discovery Home & Health an acted as columnist on mainstream papers and radio programs. She is currently a columnist for Glamour Magazine.

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