Fany Kuiru

OPIAC, COICA - Responsible Gender

Indigenous Uitoto of the Colombian Amazon.
Origin: Jitomagaro clan (people of the sun) since she was a child she learned to lead community processes with the women of the community in the chagra.
From a very young age she became involved in the organizational processes and struggles being the first woman who, together with the leaders of the region, fought for the recovery and constitution of the large Indigenous Resguardo Predio Putumayo (the largest in Colombia), in the Department of Amazonas, and another series of significant processes for her indigenous grassroots organization such as the management for the training of indigenous professionals in the middle of the jungle.
She has a Master’s degree in Political and International Studies with a laureate thesis from the Universidad del Rosario, a Specialist in Senior State Management from the School of Public Administration and a Lawyer from the Universidad Santo Tomas de Aquino. With training in indigenous issues at the international level. Scholarship holder for training in processes of shaping the historical memory and cultural heritage of the people of the United States, with the Department of State of the United States of America and other courses related to indigenous peoples.
Experience in ethnic issues related to special indigenous jurisdiction, life plans, prior consultation and consultant on cultural issues of protection of native languages, translator and interpreter in Uitoto language. Advisor in the review and agreement process of the action plan of the Program for the Protection of the Rights of Women Victims of Forced Displacement and at Risk. Legal and political technician in the review and consultation of the norms for the implementation of the peace agreement. Advisor on women’s law, with emphasis on the rights of indigenous women.