Fabiana Villa Alves

Ministry of Agriculture

Zootechnician at UFLA, with a Direct Doctorate in Animal Science and Pastures at Esalq/USP. She joined EMBRAPA as Researcher A. She was deputy supervisor of the research group on “Sustainable Production Systems” at Embrapa Beef Cattle. She created and led the public-private initiative “Carne Carbono Neutro”, which focused on the proposition of concept brands with a focus on reducing/neutralizing GHG emissions. She is currently the representative of Brazil in the discussion forums on Sustainable Livestock at FAO / UN (GASL and LEAP), acting in the articulation between Ministries, Embassies, Embrapa Units, and third sector associations and organized civil society. She is currently the General Coordinator of Climate Change and Sustainable Agriculture in the Sustainable Production Department, at SDI / Mapa.