Fabian Kemps Verhage

Slow Food Network Netherlands

Fabian is a young Dutch farmer that recently started agroforestry plant-based protein plantation project in the province of Gelderland. He spent part of his youth on an organic farm in Nicaragua, where his mother worked to develop export produce. Working along on the farm, Fabian felt he could finally think in the meditative sphere of the manual work. After obtaining his master degree in Climate Studies at the University of Wageningen, and working in Brazil with a partnership at the University of São Paulo he started working at the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS). He decides he could do it himself: farm differently. He has taking up the challenge to produce food for his surrounding with manual labour and green manure, determent to limit his own and other European consumers negative impact on climate. Besides being part of the Slow Food Network Netherlands, he has been a key member of the De Nationale Denktank, one of the most innovative and influential Dutch think tanks that inform policy makers and businesses throughout the country.