Eva Rood

Project leader
ENABLE Consortium

Eva Rood works for Rotterdam School of Management’s Dean Steef van de Velde as Business Development Manager in a large variety of sustainability projects, and was appointed co-director of the Centre for Ecotransformation in 2013. She has extensive experience in building networks and developing communities.

Eva started her career as a communications advisory for the Amstelveen municipality, after which she decided to join Erasmus University as a programme manager for the Part-time Programme drs. Bedrijfskunde. In her years as manager Alumni & Corporate Relations, highlights include the introduction of the Big Business Administration Reunion, the establishment of several networks for entrepreneurs, which have now grown into the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, and the start of a close cooperation with several multinationals.

In the recent past, Eva has also worked as project leader Sustainability of the Erasmus University, has set up the Erasmus Sustainability Hub, co-launched the Erasmus Honours Programme Grand Challenges, and acted as secretary to the trailblazers-team of the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Sustainability. Eva holds a Masters degree in Psychology from Utrecht University.