DJ Switch

Erica Armah Bra-Bulu Tandoh

Erica Armah-Bra Bulu Tandoh who just turned 11, also known as DJ Switch from Ghana has already made a name for herself after spinning for just two years. Erica, the only daughter to her parents with four siblings is so eloquent, vocal and confident thus puts so much attitude in her works and her energy level is incomparable and limitless. Asked about her stage name, what else she can do and her future plans, Erica responded; “I picked the name DJ Switch because I switch up people’s happiness. I am not only a DJ but also a poet, dancer, an MC, a motivational speaker, actress and an advocate. I also want my parents, teachers, CNN, BBC or France24 and the world to know that being a DJ is just the beginning of my goals, I want to eventually become a gynecologist and help women around the world.