Emmanuela Shinta

Director & Chapter Coordinator
Ranu Welum Foundation and GLFx Kalimantan

Emmanuela Shinta is a Dayak leader, activist, environmentalist, filmmaker and writer with a reputation for leading and empowering young indigenous people. Her expertise is youth environmental activism and indigenous digital storytelling. She has trained over 180 indigenous young filmmakers and mobilized the youth movement to tackle forest fires in Kalimantan with over 200 young green leaders. During the past eight years she has produced over 20 indigenous films. She is the founder of the Ranu Welum Foundation, the International Indigenous Film Festival Network and the Alive Global Ministry. She is a member of board directors of Indigenous Education Foundation. Written in English, her memoir, Me, Modernism, and My Indigenous Roots, tells about her life as an indigenous woman in the midst of industrialization and environmental destruction and details her journey to activism.