Emmanuel Atamba

Food and farming systems expert

Emmanuel Atamba is a food and farming systems expert. He is involved in research, advocacy, development and execution of agri-food projects. Atamba is currently the Research and Policy Analyst at Route to Food, an initiative that advocates for the Human Right to Food in Kenya. He also founded APSID, a consultancy firm specialised in sustainable agriculture. He co-founded Agriprocity Kenya- a social enterprise converting imperfect vegetables, otherwise wasted because of their shape, size or other inconsistencies. He has published various opinion pieces, position papers on alternatives to the industrial form of agriculture, food safety, food rights and policies in Kenya. Atamba holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture (Agricultural Economics Major) from the University of Nairobi. Atamba is vegan and actively advocates conscious eating, plant-based diets for sustainable, healthy living in harmony with other species, and nature.