Emma Harbour

Director of global advocacy
Rainforest Alliance

Emma Harbour is the Rainforest Alliance’s Director of Global Advocacy. In this position, she oversees the organization’s advocacy work at a global, regional and local level. Rainforest Alliance’s advocacy work focuses on engaging with public and private sector policy makers in order to influence change to help create more enabling environments for sustainable supply chains to be able to flourish.
With an international career in development and sustainbility Emma has advocated with policy makers on issues including gender equity, livelihoods and sustainable supply chain. Since joining UTZ in 2014 and subsequently Rainforest Alliance she has set up and led the organizations advocacy work. Prior to this she has led global campaigns on poverty reduction and equitable value distribution, coordinated the global launch of UN Women’s first Progress of the World’s Women and communications on the 2005 Make Poverty History campaign, and campaigned for garment workers rights with the Clean Clothes Campaign in the aftermath of the Rana Plaza collapse.