Emanuel Chibesakunda

Munich Advisors Group

Mr. Chibesakunda is a German/Zambian business advisor and the Founder of the “Plant a Million” trees initiative. The objective of Plant a Million is to reshape as many African economies as possible, shifting focus from environmentally harmful endeavours to eco-friendly ventures.

Plant A Million Zambia is the blueprint for tackling deforestation & climate change; it intends to plant as many trees as possible and fight poverty through economic usage of the planted trees, with projected figures of 2 billion by 2021. Plant A Million is rooted in interlinking the 3Es (Education, Economy, Ecology) to enable sustainable & lasting impacts on people, profits & the planet. Plant A Million is led by a global cross sectoral board brimming with some of the best minds on the world and seeks to create habitual tree cultivators out of ordinary students.

Mr. Chibesakunda has facilitated partnerships with key Ministries in Zambia, an ever-increasing number of learning institutions, media institutions, and a host of supporters including AGCO Future Farm and Airtel Zambia among others to implement Plant a Million’s objects. Plant a Million will later manufacture products using its trees, ensuring that vast swathes of Zambia’s rural population receive employment and are discouraged from the persistent deforestation that is currently taking place.

Mr. Chibesakunda envisions Plant a Million as a supranational education tool that will contribute to the battle against climate change whilst empowering Africa simultaneously.