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Ellysar Baroudy

Lead Carbon Finance Specialist
World Bank

Ellysar Baroudy heads the Forests and Landscapes team in the Climate Change Group at the World Bank. She is the coordinator for the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) and the BioCarbon Fund.

The FCPF and BioCarbon Fund are two leading land-use carbon funds at the World Bank with over US$1.2 billion under management. Ms. Baroudy has worked on results-based carbon financing programs ranging from afforestation/reforestation to reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) as well as agriculture. Most recently, her group has been working on integrated landscape approaches for climate change mitigation.

Before joining the Bank in 2003, Ms. Baroudy worked for various international organizations providing environmental technical assistance. She has a background in environmental science and holds a doctorate from the University of Lancaster.