Ellen Watson

Technical Manager
HCV Network Secretariat

Ellen is an environmental anthropologist and conservationist by training. Her professional experience includes community conservation and development, protected area conservation, land use planning and responsible commodity production. She lived and worked in Africa (Togo, Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania) for several years and has field experience in many other African countries, Thailand and Costa Rica. Before joining the Secretariat she worked for Proforest, where her projects as part of the responsible production team took her to 16 countries. She has worked with the HCV approach since 2011, conducting HCV assessments and trainings and producing guidance and technical documents. Ellen helped develop the HCV Assessor Licensing Scheme and more recently led on developing the manual and supporting documents for HCV-HCSA Assessments. She has an MSc in Environmental Anthropology from University College London and a Masters in Environmental Management from Yale University. Ellen is based in the UK and speaks English and French.