Eduardo Sommariba


Eduardo Somarriba has a BS in biology and natural resources, a master’s degree in tropical forest ecology, and a PhD in agroecology (biology) from the University of Michigan. He has been an active researcher, educator and advisor/consultant in agroforestry to various governments and private companies over the last 34 years. He is currently head of the program on Agriculture, Livestock and Agroforestry at CATIE, and the focal point for FTA at CATIE. Eduardo’s current field of research is focused on the optimal management of trees on farms, multistrata agroforestry systems with coffee and cacao, and the production of timber on farms. He has provided technical advice to governments, development projects and NGOs in Latin America, led various science-based development cocoa projects in Bolivia and in Central America, and published nearly 300 publications, including scientific articles, technical manuals, books and educational materials for university students and farmers.