Edilma Prada Céspedes

Agenda Propia

Investigative journalist with postgraduate studies in human rights, peace, culture, and international humanitarian law. She has 20 years of experience covering human rights, armed conflict, Indigenous peoples, Mother Earth, borders, peace, and the environment. She is the founder and director of the independent media Agenda Propia (www.agendapropia.co). She is also a producer of multimedia journalism projects and documentaries. Edilma is a fellow of the Amazon Rainforest Journalism Fund of the Pulitzer Center and the International Women’s Media Foundation, as well as one of GLF’s 16 Women Restoring the Earth. She’s worked as a consultor and journalist for the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) about illegal wood traffic and deforestation in the Colombian Amazon region.

Most recently, Edilma co-directed the film El Canto del Maguaré, Palabra de Consejo de Dúdjulli (2022).

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