Duncan Lukoye

Voice of America (VoA)

Duncan Lukoye is an experienced Kenyan journalist with over 8 years of expertise in reporting on climate change, disasters, and sustainable development. He has collaborated closely with prestigious UN agencies and covered significant climate change conventions like the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction and UN COP conventions. As a VOA correspondent, he has traveled widely to document the effects of climate change and highlight innovative solutions by young people. His recent project, the groundbreaking documentary Eco-Warriors of Africa produced under VOA, showcases the environmental challenges faced by the continent and the inspiring actions of its youth. Beyond journalism, Duncan contributes his expertise as a multimedia editorial advisor at DIRAJ, providing strategic guidance to create impactful content on critical environmental issues. With his authoritative voice and achievements, Duncan Lukoye is a leading figure in climate journalism, emphasizing the need for sustainable solutions and motivating positive change.

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