Drita Dade

Senior Natural Resources Management Specialist
World Bank

Drita Dade is a Senior Natural Resources Management Specialist at the World Bank. Her area of expertise is natural resources management, community forestry, integrated water management, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and rural development. Her background is law and she holds a Master of Arts in European Studies and Law. She is the Team Leader for the Environmental Services Project in Albania and the Environmental Land Management and Rural Livelihoods in Tajikistan. She has been Team Leader of the Natural Resources Development Project and Disaster Risk Mitigation and Adaption Project in Albania. Prior to joining the World Bank, she was Project Manager of UNDP/GEF Regional Project on the Conservation of Coastal and Wetland Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Region. She worked as International Relations Officer in the Department of Legislation and International Relations in the Albanian National Environmental Agency and former Committee of Environmental Protection in the Prime Minister’s office.