Diane Ndarbawa


I am a young activist from the Far North region of Cameroon; President of the association for better socio-professional integration of girls and women in Cameroon. (Amis-Cameroun) Passionate about human rights and in particular the rights of girls and women. I am leader of the economic justice and rights action coalition in the generational equality process of UN Women and the government of France and Mexico. I work for the economic and financial empowerment of girls and women in my community. I am a member of the planning committee of the women’s peace convention in Cameroon peace. Active activists for the empowerment of women and girls in the Far North region, especially girl mothers. I am passionate about land because our region is in the throes of climate change and the different aspects of land governance, the participation of women and girls in the management, protection and preservation of our environment. I am a militant activist in the promotion of access to land by girls and women for complete empowerment.