Desmond Alugnoa

Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO)

Desmond Alugnoa is a passionate advocate for environmental conservation, climate awareness, mitigation and also youth empowerment through education. Growing up in the savannah region of Ghana, Desmond witnessed significant seasonal changes in the surrounding landscape and the negative effect this had on crops and animals, He concluded that socio-economic development is directly linked and inter-connected with environmental conservation, and therefore it is necessary to provide education and advocacy towards spreading this message. Desmond co-founded the Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO) an NGO dedicated to building capacities and providing solutions to pressing environmental issues through youth empowerment and public education. He is the programs coordinator of GAYO where he is currently delivering a waste management model that rests on the pillars of circular economy in the Adansi South District of Ghana. The main purpose is to help restore landscape through resilient farming methods and to limit the threats of climate change on clean water, forest cover and food security by properly controlling waste and educating communities. Desmond believes that the planet is not a machine to be controlled by privileged super-mechanics but by those passionate about environmental housekeeping and that requires empowering young people to take several but coordinated initiatives to put the earth in the shape that is most desirable for African and the world at large.