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Darragh Conway

Lead Legal Counsel
Climate Focus

Darragh Conway is a lead legal consultant at Climate Focus with experience covering a broad array of legal issues relevant to climate change projects, policies and programs. His areas of expertise span from advising governments on the establishment of domestic legal and institutional frameworks to implementing climate policies and programs and setting up financial management mechanisms, to supporting private entities in project structuring, contract negotiation and dispute resolution. Darragh has a particular interest in engaging international legal systems to address climate change, and has written and advised on the international trade, human rights and security regimes in the context of climate change, in addition to his extensive work dealing with the international climate change regime.

Prior to joining Climate Focus, Darragh worked as a researcher at the University of Edinburgh, focusing on international environmental and climate change regulation. In his spare time, Darragh likes to write, play music and travel.

Darragh holds degrees from University College Dublin (LLB) and the University of Edinburgh (LLM in international law). He is a member of the New York Bar.