Daria Ryazantseva


Daria Ryazantseva graduated from the Institute of Earth Sciences at St. Petersburg State University (Master’s degree program “Ecology and Nature Management”, Profile “Sustainable Development”). She currently continues her studies in the Faculty of Sociology graduate school of St. Petersburg State University (Postgraduate Studies, 22.00.06 “Sociology of Culture”).

Since 2017, Daria is an employee of the EthnoExpert company. She participates in company projects related to sustainable development of the indigenous population in various regions of Russia. Projects include studying the potential impact of constructed industrial facilities on the economic, social and cultural development of selected vulnerable indigenous groups and subsequent monitoring of ongoing social processes. An important part of this work is applying the ecosystem approach and taking into account ecosystem services used by the indigenous population that preserves traditional nature management or its elements. In particular, Daria worked in a project for preserving and sustainable development of the traditional nature management of Yamal peninsula Nenets (nomadic reindeer herders conducting economic activities in the area of natural gas production and the construction of a liquefied natural gas plant Yamal LNG). In the North-West of Russia, Daria was engaged with small-numbered Finnish-speaking peoples Ingrians, Votes, Ingrian Finns in the area of active industrial construction (Ust-Luga sea port and the Nord Stream 2 underwater gas pipeline). These projects were also aimed at ensuring positive interaction between private sector companies and the indigenous peoples. Daria also participates in the “Restoring Peatlands in Russia” program, where she organizes interaction with stakeholders in various regions, conducting sociological surveys, preparing and administering training seminars and working meetings.