Danielle Haingonavalona

Coordinator of the Land Reform Coordination and Monitoring Unit
Ministry of Land Development, Housing and Public Works

Danielle Haingonavalona is currently coordinator of the coordination and monitoring unit of land reform at the Ministry of Land Development, Housing and Public Works (MAHTP) level. She designated the National Project Focal Point for GIZ Project ProPFR (country component of the GIZ Responsible Land Policy Project) at the MAHTP. She has strong experience in the development and implementation of the Malagasy land reform including the implementation of the decentralized land management as Head of Support Service to the Land Offices and Director of Support to Decentralized Land Management. Mrs. Haingonavalona appointed at the level of the Land Administration in 2006 after obtaining a diploma of Inspector of Domains and Property Ownership of the National School of Administration of Madagascar and counts with 14 years of professional experience at the level of the Malagasy Land Administration.