Daniel Caceres Bartra

Marine Biologist

Daniel Cáceres Bartra is the young founder and leader of the Sustainable Ocean Alliance hub in Peru and co-founder of the Taking Care of the Ocean collective. Bartra has worked across many marine biodiversity and conservation projects, from working with humpback whales to registering new reefs in the North of Peru. He also has been a vocal voice for the Peruvian ocean in both national and international policy events, participating in the annual Our Ocean conference since 2016 and presenting at conferences in most Peruvian universities. Notably, Daniel has worked In Peru to influence its congress and political candidates to incorporate an ocean agenda into national policy. He organized the first ocean hearing and youth climate summit in Peru’s Congress. In 2015, Daniel was the youngest divemaster in Peru; in 2016 he won the national Hreljac Medal for being the youth with the biggest impact on national sustainable development; and in 2017 won the Agent of Change award from the scientific University of the South.