Daan Wensing

Program Director Global Landscapes, Soy, Palm Oil & Tropical Timber

Daan Wensing is Program Director Global Landscapes, Soy, Palm Oil & Tropical Timber at IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative, overseeing 15 landscapes in 8 countries, and directing the implementation of the commodity programs on soy, palm oil and tropical timber.

Through its Landscapes Program, IDH brings together key stakeholders to build areas where agricultural products are grown sustainably (Production), forests and natural resources are safeguarded (Protection), and communities thrive (Inclusion). It then connects these areas to global markets by establishing Verified Sourcing Areas (VSAs), making it easier for companies to source large volumes of sustainably produced commodities and therefore meet their sustainability commitments.

Prior to joining IDH, Daan was the managing director of the Leaders for Nature network and head of IUCN NL’s business and biodiversity programmes. Before joining IUCN NL, Daan co-founded the company Triple E and was the director of one of its business units, developing business models for biodiversity and ecosystems. Daan has a MSc in Biology from Utrecht University and a Master’s in Science and Business from Utrecht University in cooperation with the Netherlands Business University Nyenrode.