Cynthia León Herrera

Forestry and Climate Change Fund

Cynthia holds university degrees in business administration, from ULATINA and an MBA in Finance from ULACIT in Costa Rica. She has dedicated the last 18-years to project analysis, implementation of technical assistance, and social impact investments. She worked extensively as a consultant for the Multilateral Investment Fund and the IADB´s Social Entrepreneurial Program, as well as for the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Centre (CATIE).

Cynthia previously worked as an Investment Officer at Omtrix, Inc. for a period of 8 years, where she was part of the team that designed and structured the Higher Education Finance Fund (HEFF) and was later responsible for the implementing the fund´s technical assistance program. She also did substantial work in energy efficiency and renewable energy with E+Co, where she worked as an Investment Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean for a period of 6 years.