Clemencia Pinasco Ferreyros

Communication Coordinator
GLFx Amazonia Peruana chapter

Clemencia Pinasco is the focal point for GLFx Amazonía Peruana. Born and raised in Lima, Perú she has lived in the Madre de Dios region of the Peruvian Amazon since 2017. Trained as a biologist, she now combines her scientific background with practical efforts in land restoration and sustainable economies, collaborating closely with native communities and small-scale farmers. In her role as Communications Manager at Camino Verde, a Peruvian NGO dedicated to restoring the forest landscape of the Amazon by strengthening forest communities in two regions of Perú, Clemencia oversees various programs; like the Living Seed Bank, which safeguards the genetic diversity of over 600 native Amazonian species, and the Farmer Livelihood Program, which supports 138 families in planting native species based agroforestry systems that provide sustainable non-timber forest productive and support livelihoods. Clemencia serves as a member of the Madre de Dios Regional Committee on Habitat Restoration, where she plays a pivotal role in shaping regional policies and driving actions for ecosystem restoration and conservation.