Claude Garcia

Claud Garcia i an tropical ecologist working for the French International Centre of Research and Agronomy for Development (CIRAD), in the Research Unit “Forest and Societies.” Since 2012, he has taked the lead of the Forest Management and Development Team, in the Department of Earth System Sciences of ETH Zürich, in Switzerland. 

His research aims at understanding tropical landscapes under change. I develop approaches to address (i) ecosystem and their processes, (ii) stakeholders and their strategies and (iii) the norms and institutions the latter establish to regulate access to the former. With his team, he analyzes the drivers and strategies involved in the decision-making processes of stakeholders, with tools such as Companion Modeling. His goal is to let people explore alternative futures, and help them turn them into reality.

Claude has 12 years experience working in South and Southeast Asia. He has also worked in the Congo Basin, and more recently in Colombia, being fluent in French, Spanish and English.

Twitter: @ClaudeAGarcia