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Ciiru Waweru Waithaka

Funkidz Limited

Wanjiru Waweru Waithaka is a graduated of Interior Architecture from the Glasgow School of Art, University of Glasgow.

She founded and successfully run an interior architecture consultancy called Amber Africa for 10 years. Her clients were individuals, hotels and multinationals within East Africa. After 10 years of running Amber Africa and    her passion for design and manufacturing Wanjiru realized the need to create the first global children’s brand from Africa and made in Kenya, Brand Funkidz.

Funkidz Limited is an exciting, innovative children’s brand that designs and manufactures products for children using locally available raw materials. Funkidz runs an education program for children in STEAM.

What gets Wanjiru up every morning is a burning fire and desire to make a positive difference in the society she lives in and in the world at large.

Wanjiru has revived several award and accolades locally and internationally, including a special mention and commendation by the former US First Lady Michelle Obama for her business and being part of a positive education change for children in Africa the area of technology and manufacturing.

See the video here.