Chris Armitage

Global EverGreening Alliance

Chris Armitage is a business development and strategic partnering professional, specialising in large-scale solutions to address the root causes and impacts of poverty, food insecurity and climate change in developing countries.

Chris has led the successful development of a diverse range of funding and programming models: from innovative self-scaling renewable energy pilots, to multi-country land restoration, resilience-building and rural economic development programs. These multi-faceted programmes have invariably included community capacity-building and economic empowerment, and are participatory and farmer/community-owned and led to ensure impact and sustainability.

In recent years, Chris has played a central role in the inception and development of several multi-sectoral collaborations and development platforms involving governments, UN and multilateral agencies, iNGOs, scientific and technical institutions, civil society, and the private sector – most notably the Africa CSA Alliance, which is the first and only continental implementation partnership convened by the AU to support governments in the design and grassroots implementation of national Climate-Smart Agriculture programmes, and the EverGreen Agriculture Partnership (EVAP).

During much of this period, Chris was BD Adviser at World Vision Australia, and later a consultant for AU/NEPAD, ICRAF, IRENA and UN Environment. In late 2017, he managed the inception phase of an EC-funded EVAP land restoration project spanning 8 countries across Africa’s Sahel.

Currently, Christopher Armitage is the CEO of the Global EverGreening Alliance and his focus is on EverGreening the Earth.