Cesar Pachón Achury

Indigenous farmer
Member of the Colombian Parliament

César Augusto Pachón Achury is a member of the House of Representatives of Colombia with the Alternative Indigenous and Social Movement (MAIS). César, born in 1983, studied agricultural engineering at the Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia (UPTC). He has also been a Young Researcher in the Plant Ecophysiology group at that university and has been a professor at the UPTC Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. As well, he has been a national and international lecturer on issues related to agriculture, economy, rural development and environment.

César’s parents instilled in him the value of work and a love for the fields of his childhood home. He has been a national spokesperson for Dignidad Agropecuaria Colombiana, an organization of peasants and agricultural producers; has served as president of the Dignidad Papera Social and Peasant Movement; and has led social and community projects of significant impact, such as the project Alimento for La Guajira.
Other roles have included the Manuel Ancizar Chair of the National University of Colombia, the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, the Agrarian University of Colombia, as well as a special lecturer at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, invited by the Mexican Association for Rural Studies.

César is also the founder and presenter of the television program “El Tal Campo Sí Existe,” which discusses problems and solutions in the environment, and is broadcast nationwide by Canal Capital.