Caroline Nobrega

General Manager
Aliança da Terra

Caroline Nóbrega is a biologist and holds a master and a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolution from the Federal University of Goiás. Among her areas of research, Caroline has published papers on the impact of different drivers of environmental degradation, including fire, on the Amazon and its biodiversity She currently works at the NGO Aliança da Terra and, in addition to other projects aimed at conservation and environmental education, coordinates the actions of Brigada Aliança, currently the largest non-governmental initiative for the prevention and control of forest fires in Brazil. Over the past 12 years, Brigada Aliança has been operating in Indigenous Lands, Conservation Units and private areas. Working together with local communities (indigenous peoples, rural producers and conservation unit managers), in 2021 alone, Brigada Aliança has already been involved in 80 firefights in the Amazon, Cerrado and Pantanal biomes.