Carla Madueño Florian

IFSA youth delegate

Hola! My name is Carla Madueño Florian , Peruvian biologist graduated at the University of Munich and currently pursuing a M.Sc degree in Global Change Ecology at the University of Bayreuth, Germany. For the last 6 years I have studied between Europe and America following my passion for ecology, biodiversity conservation and climate action.

My latest project is my M.Sc Thesis on the “Social valuation of ecosystem services provided by the Mariño watershed in Apurimac, Peru”. My thesis explores the concept of the “social value” of nature’s banefits to people, so that we can better understand perceptions, attitudes and conflict of interests around the commons. Mariño faces big challenges such as overgrazing, slash-and-burn agriculture, depletion of glaciar water reserves and deforestation. However, momentum is also big among rural villagers or so called ‘guardians of the watershed’ – very aware of the future generations. I will keep you updated here on the outcomes of this project which counts on the institutional support by the Andean Forest Program and the HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation.

I describe myself as a curious and creative person, and deeply passionate in regards to the role of youth at the science and policy interface, given recent participation as an IFSA youth delegate at high level conferences at FAO Rome.

My message: “Youth is the key ally in any decision we take to protect the Earth”. I am deeply grateful for GLF providing me the tools, skills and the ideal network to meet young people alike, aiming to create seascapes and landscapes of sustainability now!

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