Bulimo Peter

INUKA Project coordinator

Bulimo Peter is an environmentalist working at the nature-climate-justice nexus. He graduated from Kenyatta University in Kenya with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science and is currently pursuing Tropical Forest Landscape Management and Sustainable Use- a year-long Environmental Leadership & Training Initiative (ELTI)Certificate Program at the Yale School of the Environment. Besides school, Bulimo has volunteered and worked with Multiple environmental Organisations, both local and international, including Greenpeace Africa (as an NVDA Activist and Campaigner), Kenya Environmental Action Network (as the Bustani Project Adviser), Hivos-sponsored Voices for Climate Action(VCA) as a Climate Community Mobilizer (CCM), and at Youth4Nature as a Global Ambassador (G.A) and Storyteller. Bulimo is currently serving as a Project Co-Coordinator for Youth4Nature’s INUKA Project, currently being piloted in Kenya. INUKA is a youth-led and youth-focused NbS project that’s leveraging youth expertise and experiential learning to advance NbS best practices, youth leadership and Storytelling and scale up of solutions at the restoration frontier Besides school and work, Bulimo enjoys exploration, adventure and cool music.