Brooklin Hunt

Student majoring in Pre-Veterinary Microbiology and Animal Systems Biotechnology at Montana State University (MSU)

Brooklin Hunt is a junior majoring in pre-veterinary microbiology and animal systems biotechnology at Montana State University. She is also an undergraduate researcher and laboratory technician with the Plowright Lab, where she studies bat health and within-host dynamics of Hendra virus in black flying foxes (Pteropus alecto). Brooklin is currently characterizing the diet composition and healthy hematological parameters of wild black flying foxes. When COVID-19 no longer restricts international travel, she will travel to Australia to complete fieldwork for a longitudinal study of Hendra virus in black flying foxes. Her long-term goals include attending veterinary school, earning a PhD in disease ecology, and continuing her studies of high-risk, wildlife-origin zoonoses with hopes that her work will reduce disease burdens on animals and humans alike.