Berioska Quispe

General Director
Climate Change and Desertification at Ministry of Environment of Peru

Berioska Quispe is a biologist with a Master’s degree in Science and Management for Climate Change and Ecotourism. She has extensive professional experience in climate change and forest management, with ten years of work at the Ministry of the Environment. Her experience includes serving as Director of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation and currently, as General Director of Climate Change and Desertification. Additionally, she has extensive experience focused on greenhouse gas mitigation, REDD+ implementation, policy development for carbon neutrality, and experience in Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry, and GHG inventories. With a solid track record in multi-stakeholder participation and deep knowledge of national and international climate frameworks, she has excelled in areas such as forest carbon, mitigation potential analysis, and climate change adaptation and mitigation.