Benki Piyãko

Asháninka Community Leader
Terra Kampa do Rio Amônia

Benki Piyãko is a political authority and is held in high esteem both at home and internationally. He actively participates in important initiatives of his people, the Ashaninka, especially in the defense of their country and in the construction of educational centers to train local communities.

He supports indigenous peoples in defending their land against exploitation by outsiders, he also teaches them optimized methods of soil management and illustrates how to use natural resources while preserving a unique ecosystem rich in species.

Among the many projects that Benki Piyãko has led is the creation of the Yorenka Ãtame (“Knowledge of the Forest”) Center, with the aim of providing hundreds of communities in Brazil and Peru with an environmental management and conservation model based on the knowledge handed down by indigenous peoples.

In his new project Beija flor (“Ko- libri”), Benki Piyãko works with non-indigenous communities. The aim is to reforest degraded areas on the border between Brazil and Peru and to create jobs in the region while at the same time training young people in sustainable farming methods.