Alistair Monument

Forest Practice Lead
WWF International

As the lead of WWF’s Global Forest Practice, Alistair oversees the delivery of projects and initiatives in more than 60 countries worldwide. WWF’s work to conserve forests is focused on halting deforestation and degradation, protecting the world’s most important habitats, advancing responsible forest management and scaling up forest landscape restoration. Through diverse partnerships, innovative financial mechanisms combined with on-the-ground expertise, WWF is uniquely positioned to innovate and implement restoration solutions in landscapes that regain ecological integrity and enhance human wellbeing.
Alistair was previously the Asia Pacific Director at the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and was the founding Director of Accreditation Services International (ASI), FSC’s accreditation agency. He is a qualified forester and auditor with 25 years of experience in over 40 countries, from multi-stakeholder initiatives, certification and conservation, to workers’ rights, ethical finance and strategic programme development.