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Alexandra Barthelmes

Senior Researcher
Greifswald University

Dr. Alexandra Barthelmes, senior researcher at Greifswald University and DUENE e.V.
Areas of work/research interests:
• Coordination of the Global Peatland Database (GPD; GIS based peatland mapping with multiple projects across the globe and maintenance of the Global Emission Databases for drained organic soils
• Evaluation of national UNFCCC-reporting of GHG-emissions from the use of drained organic soils
• Peatland vegetation and GHG emissions
• Palaeo-ecological reconstruction of Holocene peatland and lake habitats based on analyses of Non-Pollen Palynomorphs, Macrofossils and Pollen
Academic education: PhD in Landscape Ecology and Nature Protection (2010); Diploma in Biology (2000)
Academic supervision: currently 2 MSc-theses on peatland mapping with focus on tropical and subtropical countries, 1 MSc-thesis on global peat fire assessment, and 2 PhD’s at Greifswald University
Participation in scientific organisation: Reviewer for Nature Communications, Wetlands, Journal of Vegetation Science, Science of the total Environment, Palaeo³, Quaternary Research, Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, and the National Geographic Society
Publications: 40 scientific and technical publications
Relevant publications:
Barthelmes A. & H. Joosten (2018). Guidelines for inventories of tropical peatlands to facilitate their designation as Ramsar Sites. Ramsar Briefing Note No. 9. Gland, Switzerland: Ramsar Convention Secretariat;

Click to access bn9_peatland_inventory_background_notes_e.pdf

Crump, .J (ed.) 2017. Smoke on Water – Countering Global Threats from Peatland Loss and Degradation. A UNEP Rapid Response Assessment. United Nations Environment Programme and GRID-Arendal, Nairobi and Arendal,
Barthelmes A., Ballhorn U., Couwenberg J. & H. Joosten (2015). Consulting Study 5: Practical guidance on locating and delineating peatlands and other organic soils in the Tropics. The High Carbon Stock Science Study 2015, available at:
Barthelmes A., Tegetmeyer C. & H. Joosten (2017). Distribution and degradation status of tropical peatland types. Global Symposium on Soil Organic Carbon 2017, FAO, Rome. Available at: