Eirini Sakellari

Global Landscapes Forum

A young scientist and environmentalist, Eirini is curious and passionate about nature. She has a transdisciplinary academic background, having already obtained a BSc in Chemistry and currently pursuing a MSc in Environmental Policy and Sustainable Development Diplomacy (Wageningen University & Research). Eirini has focused her MSc research on the Global Biodiversity Governance, and the inclusion of indigenous perspectives and other types of knowledge in the global environmental policies.

Eirini is an active member of the Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN) and is currently working on developing the GYBN Greece. She is a volunteer communication advisor for the CBD-Women4Biodiversity, a global initiative that aims to mainstream the intersectionality of gender and the environment in the global policies. Deeply interested in ecofeminism and gender justice, she is also the co-founder of the “Not Just Fashion” movement working to spark a conversation Greece regarding women’s rights and sustainability issues in the fashion industry.

Born and raised in the Mediterranean island of Crete, food is an important aspect of life for her and she enjoys preparing vegan versions of traditional and modern recipes from her homeplace.