Partner Event

Smallholder Planted Forests and Trees for Climate, Restored Landscapes, and Livelihoods

17 January - 25 April 2023
All day

This webinar series will focus on ways to harness the potential of smallholder planted forests and trees to contribute to the provision of environmental services, including addressing climate change, and livelihoods. It will primarily focus on the following questions:

  • What are the key success factors in the establishment and management of planted forests and trees outside forests by smallholders?
  • Which management objectives do smallholders pursue and how are they implemented according to business best-practices?
  • What are the operational risks, financial risks, and vulnerabilities smallholders face related to quickly evolving markets and a changing climate?
  • Which models and practices are most promising?
  • Which opportunities and business models arise from the transition towards carbon-neutral economies and the global momentum for ecosystem restoration?
  • What can be done to support smallholders? (i.e., policy, producers’ organizations, etc.