Restoring Forests and Landscapes series: Consolidating gains and accelerating progress in the Phillipines

28 April 2021

The Philippines is in a strategic position to respond not only to the Bonn Challenge but also to the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, 2021 to 2030.

The Decade is designed as the global movement that can end poverty, hunger, malnutrition, gender inequality and the degradation of ecosystems by harnessing the power of nature and local communities.

To showcase and consolidate the Philippines’ accomplishments and potentially set a national restoration agenda to which all stakeholders are committed, a webinar series and conference-workshop are proposed.

The webinars will discuss the forestland restoration (FLR) concept in the context of the Philippines (first webinar); the experiences of various groups in implementing FLR in the country (second and third webinars); and funding mechanisms and opportunities for FLR (fourth webinar).

A conference-workshop will follow the series to identify opportunities and mechanisms to cascade national FLR targets to local levels, building on existing restoration initiatives.

The webinars are knowledge-intensive and provide a platform to share experience, highlight challenges and limitations, and take an inclusive approach to identify options for the Philippines’ participation in these important international movements. The conference-workshop will serve as the culminating activity, with an end goal of setting a common national restoration agenda.

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