Thematic Agenda

Conversations in GLF Nairobi will revolve around these five main themes to spark action on restoring Africa’s landscapes. Please keep checking this page for the detailed agenda and speaker line-up.

Implementing landscape restoration

How does landscape restoration occur from needs assessment to successful execution of results? What is the latest research on how to approach landscape planning and implementation? How do researchers, practitioners and land managers access the latest knowledge on landscapes. How do we learn from past experiences? Looking at current efforts, GLF Nairobi will zoom in on capacity development and coordination in African countries and between relevant partners.

Food security and livelihoods

How does tackling environmental degradation boost food security and livelihoods? Conversations will revolve around the agricultural products and ecosystem services restored landscapes can provide, how agroforestry, climate-smart agriculture and traditional land-use practices influence our food and our lives, as well as on regional collaboration that benefits landscapes.


Recognizing community and individual rights is key to successfully restore landscapes. GLF Nairobi will spark dialogues around issues such as land tenure and legal reform, barriers to securing land and resource rights, challenges raised by restoration, and will explore how  top-down and bottom-up structures shape the conversation on landscape rehabilitation.

Financing sustainable landscapes

To restore landscapes across Africa, smallholders and sustainable value chains need innovative financial solutions. Conversations will revolve around topics such as coordinated public-private investments and restoration financing, engaging the private sector using restoration-sensitive value chains and connecting local producers to national and international markets.

Measuring progress toward climate and development goals

African countries need the latest knowledge and tools to enhance their capacities and share the benefits across borders. We will explore the innovative technologies that gauge how public and private sectors perform at the landscape level, the indicators for restoration targets, and the role of big data in restoration.

Stay tuned for detailed agenda