Mainstreaming Youth – The good, the best, and the ugly

This digital summit is now over but you can catch up on recording here

Date : 12 December 2017
Time : 13:00 - CET (Use this tool to convert to your local time zone)

Youth. They are the next generation of leaders — but what does that mean for us right now?

What are the advantages and practical challenges to engaging youth through targeted programs?

Youth mainstreaming is the strategic tool and strategy for effective youth development. Mainstreaming requires a comprehensive approach that can often be difficult to implement.

In this Digital Summit, we’re taking the rose-colored glasses off and taking a hard look at what it takes to operationalize youth integration. We’re bringing together leaders from both youth and professional organizations to discuss different perspectives, initiatives, and challenges. This conversation will describe shining examples and opportunities for young people while sharing the most common pitfalls when devising your own program to include youth.

We’re sharing best practices to be easily implemented in multiple scenarios and at different levels.

Whether you are a young person looking for your next opportunity or part of an organization seeking to learn more about youth programs, this Digital Summit will tell you both where to start and what to avoid.

If you have been a part of a great (or bad) youth program, please share your stories and experiences online with us before Dec 12th by using #GLFYouthConvo.

Our Speakers

Maria Paula Sarigumba

Ejeguo Ogheneovo

Daniel Boehnke

Uwase Hirwa Honorine

Miss Earth Rwanda 2017

Courtney Paisley


Salina Abraham

GLF Africa Regional Manager, GLF Africa Hub

Khalil Walji

Capacity development specialist, FAO