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Interactive Session

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Table Top Exhibition

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Interactive Session

Whilst the GLF works to share knowledge continuously through our website, media outreach and other activities, GLF conferences offer a unique opportunity for our community members to come together face-to-face to share knowledge, experience and best practice. Our Interactive Sessions aim to create the optimal conditions for our diverse stakeholders to spend valuable time listening, thinking, and learning with each other, with the intention of both sharing existing knowledge and co-creating new knowledge.

Why host an Interactive Session?

“In 2017, our global organization branched out into Europe and intensified our work in the land use sectors. The GLF [Interactive Session] turned out to be the perfect place to get feedback on our approaches, interact with partners and form bonds that eventually translated into new implementation opportunities for our work in biodiversity hotspots”

-Ariane Steins-Meier, Executive Director, Rare Europe

Host Benefits

Leading an interactive session comes with a wide range of services and complementary items:

  • The GLF coordination team will support the organization of your session
  • Assistance on the planning and delivery of your session to meet your objectives and maximise your audience participation and engagement from the GLF Knowledge Committee and Knowledge Team. 
  • 15 complimentary registration passes
  • A dedicated communications team to work with you in developing strategies to reach your target networks and our global community
  • Engagement with our physical audience and the option of engaging with thousands more online through our live stream channel and Digital Edition
  • Video recorded for use on your website(s) and communication channels;
  • Audio-visual equipment for recording; and simultaneous translation (Spanish, French) at an additional cost;
  • Access to a GLF-curated list of young professionals and youth experts relevant to your session’s topic;
  • Your digital/print logo will be featured on all event communication products and conference website.
  • Option of running a Digital Summit, facilitated by the GLF team, before and/or after your event to further explore your topics

About the Session

  • Session length: 90 minutes
  • Deadline: September 15, 2019

Table Top Exhibition

Book a space where you can share knowledge, build and reach out to networks revolving around a specific theme —and you will have the entire conference to make the most out of it. You can run presentations, interactive discussions and share your results and experiences.

Host Benefits

  • Facilitation support from the GLF Coordination Team
  • A physical space in a prime location at the conference with access to the full GLF event
  • Your digital/print logo will be featured on all event communication products and conference website.
  • The GLF Communications Team will support your social and traditional media activities
  • Two complimentary registration passes per table top

About the Session

  • Price:  EUR 1,500.-
  • Session length: Throughout the event
  • Deadline: October 4, 2019

Sponsor the GLF Movement

At the event, the Global Landscapes Forum is taking one step further towards creating more resilient, equitable, profitable, productive and healthy landscapes by “reigniting the flame” to turn pledges for sustainability a reality. As the world’s largest science-led platform on sustainable land use, we are bringing together partners crossing sectors and nations to connect, share, learn and act. You can play a key part.

Side Event

Want to launch a new program/project, unveil a new strategy, run thematic discussions or have a reception, all while strengthening your outreach? Then you should run a side event at GLF Luxembourg! They offer more independence, while falling in line with the GLF mission and objectives.

Host Benefits

  • Hosting a side event comes with a wide range of services and complimentary items:
  • On-request support from the GLF Coordination team on how to exploit the full potential of your event;
  • 15 complimentary registration passes;
  • A physical space accommodating 150 participants in a prime location within the International Conference Center, with access to all event participants;
  • Your digital/print logo will be featured on all event communication products and conference website.
  • The GLF team will support your social and traditional media and communications activities;
  • Simultaneous translation services can be provided in Spanish and French at an additional cost.

About the Session

  • Price: EUR 10,000
  • Session length: 1 ½ hours
  • Deadline: September 15 2019

Host a Session

Interactive Session applications are now closed.

Connect, share, learn and act with the GLF in Luxembourg at the end of November to shape a rights-led transformation of sustainability and build productive, prosperous, equitable and resilient landscapes. The GLF is working constantly to inspire and drive action and aspires to create a movement of 1 billion people around sustainable landscapes. Together, through collaborative leadership, we will create a global force for positive change by realizing a vision of what we can do if we all work together.


  • Countries 185 countries
  • Person 36% between 18-24
  • Person 41% between 25-34

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Thought leadership


Lead generation

Event Benefits

  • Associate your brand with the spirit and values of GLF and the influence of its Charter Members
  • Promote your organization, brand, message and innovations among millions of stakeholders in 185 countries
  • Position yourself for thought leadership and policymaking on environmental and climate issues
  • Connect with key players in the climate change mitigation/adaptation agenda including current and future leaders and increase your opportunity for achieving cross-sector partnerships
  • Gain access to experts, and time-sensitive insight into strategic decision-making