Carbon Forestry Course

In cooperation with renowned partner organizations active in the land-use sector, such as UNIQUE Forestry and Land Use and Solidaridad, the Chair of Silviculture at Freiburg University offers this 3-week online course in Carbon Forestry. Highlights of the course include ecological, social, economic & technical aspects of carbon forestry in theory and practice. The course is taught by experienced academics, project developers and auditors, and offers technical basics of developing and evaluating climate change mitigation projects, analysis and validation of project design documents of different types of land-use based carbon projects (REDD, Afforestation/Reforestation, Smart Climate Agriculture, Improved Forest Management etc.). Furthermore, by using a local case study, participants will measure biomass on a local afforestation site or at home and quantify the carbon contents in the lab.

Additionally, participants are trained in established methodologies of specific standards, esp. Afforestation/Reforestation projects, such as under the CDM, Verra/VCS or Gold Standard. The course fee is 750€ (partial scholarships available).

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Geography of Governance 2019: Visioning Probable Futures for Landscape Governance

Let’s talk about our changing landscapes. Government agencies, civil society organizations, academic institutions, and youth organizations from Sierra Madre, Palawan, and Bukidnon-Misamis Oriental will come together for the 2nd National Environmental Dialogue on August 1-2, at Novotel, Quezon City.

This year’s dialogue strategy includes visioning exercises where participants will draw from their experiences and aspirations to plan for the futures of our landscapes. Participants will talk about drivers of change and threats to our landscapes, and envision what can still be done to adapt, and to prepare for generations ahead. Specifically, the dialogues will focus on natural resource management and devolution; water provisioning functions of landscapes; and land conversion.

Sustainable and Inclusive Landscape Governance (SILG) Philippines is a program implemented by Forest Foundation Philippines, together with Tropenbos International and several civil society organizations. SILG PH banks on opportunities that can emerge out of continuous dialogues, which can span from small intervention projects to policy reviews and advocacies.

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